The Adirondack


Our Sterling pen with ornate tooling on the upper barrel, carries forward our tradition of simplicity and elegance. In function and size it is identical to the Original™. Many are surprised to learn that each pen is made by hand here in Charlotte, Vermont. When you have our pen, answers are at hand. It's a daily treat to capture the moment with your wallet pen. You've got the directions, the number and the inspiration.  The bill is paid with panache.

The Wallet Pen® glides through airport security
(Usually in the tray; in your wallet).
Now, You always have a pen !

I’ve carried one of your Wallet Pens with me since I first discovered them, could it be 15 years ago... or more? As a documentary producer for National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, ESPN and others,I’ve carried your Wallet Pen to 65 countries, on hundreds of expeditions, assignments and vacations. I value my Wallet Pen so much that in all those travels, I’ve lost only one. My current one is easily 10+ Years old and still in great shape. Great design certainly holds its own. I always carry a notebook in my wallet and your pen has filled several hundred with personal travel notes and experiences. Many great memories, names, places and addresses would have been lost to the flood of experiences that overwhelms us all when we travel if not for my ever-ready Wallet Pen.
So , from a traveling journalist, thank you for designing one of my most valued travel essentials.
— Bob Visty, Manhattan Beach California

I’ve had my Sterling Wallet Pen® for over a year now, and I’m amazed that I haven’t lost it. It’s the only pen of its genre with a clip so tight that it holds on and stays in place! Perfect for a man’s or woman’s wallet; I keep mine in my purse-sized combination address book calendar. No, I wouldn’t use it to write a chatty letter—its three inch long size isn’t intended for extended writing. But it’s absolutely perfect for writing a check or jotting a note or two on a calendar or business card—and it’s always handy right there in your wallet! Of handcrafted, polished sterling silver, the pen makes a great jewelry-like gift for men who don’t wear cuff links and such. Gift boxed with a spare refill.
— Eleanor Edmondson, Bas Bleu, Atlanta