Say it in Writing...


The 'I Love You' Wallet Pen, all US orders ship free this Valentine's Day.


The Wallet Pen®

Technology can be simple. The Original Wallet Pen® fits that empty space at the fold of every wallet. For those times you are using a pen these days, small is beautiful.  Pass yours to a friend to sign the check. The wallet pen always starts a conversation.

Chosen as one of "Oprah's Favorite Things" a few years back, our sterling silver pen fits that space in the fold of every wallet, checkbook, Moleskin® journal, and purse. It fits the Hermes® Agenda as well.

Each pen is made by hand in Vermont of .925 sterling and comes standard with a spare refill and a lifetime warranty.


"At last, a pen small enough to fit in your wallet, or even your evening bag.

This is a 3 inch sterling silver lifesaver."